How to edit boosted Facebook story

There is a myth going around that when you put an ad on your Facebook story, you can’t edit it ever since. That’s pretty common misunderstanding beneath community managers who haven’t mastered Power editor yet. How to deal with a text mistake?

People often tend to choose one of the following approaches:

  • Delete related campaign, update the story and start a new campaign
  • Pause campaign and hide the story on the page
  • Delete campaign and the story (if client went panicking)

Whichever approach you choose, you still may lose either all hard gain engagement, campaign statistics in insights or the whole story.

Luckily Power editor offers a simple solution. While Facebook’s basic Ads manager won’t let you change ads under your sets, that’s no problem for Power editor. Just:

  1. Go to Power editor
  2. Pause the campaign
  3. Choose ads which contain the story you want to edit
  4. Change it to another story
  5. Upload changes

Now there is no ad related to the story which troubles you, so you can edit it in any way. When it’s done, just reverse the process and you will have your story upgraded with campaign up and running.