Learning social media marketing – making the first steps

At the very beginning of my social media career there were few blogs and people, thanks to which I was able to make first steps just on my own. Nowadays those sources are still very useful, so I decided to share the best ones with you.

I have chosen websites which put article ideas into context, so you are immediately able to understand how to use it in your own projects. Another thing those sites have in common is that their authors really care about the readers and are willing to provide feeedback to your questions.


The most important source of how-to’s in the matter of Facebook advertising is, at least for me, Jon Loomer. On his site, you can find very useful guides for the beginners as well as for experienced Facebook marketers. His articles are often based on profound testing of various approaches which would make you understand how facebook algorithms and features really work in practice. Jon is very inventive guy and often surprises me with how smart solutions he can come out with.


Soshable is another blog based on real issues and helping its readers to solve real problems. There’s nothing such as „TOP 10 things every marketer must know“, but rather, from the recent ones, „How social login helps you get better customer insights“. Topics are far more wide spreaded since the blog is, as it seems, mostly about building a successful website or business. JDR is also a rock star in customer care, which is something we – more analytic focused guys – don’t get in touch so often.


Although some of the articles on topdogs blog may seem sort of like a basic recommendations at first glance, you will soon find out that there is always something EXTRA you wouldn’t probably find anywhere else. Thanks to Melonie Dorado I often discover that there is much more to learn about something I thought I could already understand very well.


If you are into learning things and improving your marketing skill, you will totally appreciate Convince and convert, an infinite source of guides, case studies and actually very inspiring SoMe strategies. Following it regularly you will also never miss any important update related to your favourite social network.


Dan Zarrella describes himself as social media scientist. As a programmer with passion for social media and statistics he can reveal you whole new ways of thinking about your content. His kickass infographics may blow you away from the routine.

Who influenced you the most? Is there any social media blog which you couldn’t live without? Share you experience in the comments.